Jörg von Chamier-Glisczinski
Jörg von Chamier-Glisczinski

I speak German and English fluently, can communicate some in Russian, French, Turkish and Portuguese. Unfortunately not Polish. But I hope younger generations can understand some English.

At our family reunion 2015 in Szczecin I suggested to start a homepage for our family to make our association more modern and maybe attract younger members also from Poland.

An internet page however lives - just like a family - from current affairs and activities.

For this I need your help. Send me questions, stories, photos, proposals how to make it more interesting for you. You can find my mail address in the members login. Or just send a message via the contact button. Or find me on Facebook. 

Since I am moving through the world from country to country and my work for the German Diplomatic Service is sometimes hectic it sometimes needs time for me to update this website. Please bear with me. Since 2017 I am living in Islamabad / Pakistan.